Odaban Foot Powder

Protection step-by-step

Sweaty and smelly feet can be so embarrassing that sufferers are often afraid to remove their shoes. ODABAN® Foot and Shoe Powder is a really effective product that will astonish with its long-lasting effect.

ODABAN® Foot and Shoe Powder is so effective it will eradicate the toughest and most persistent of odours, even those from badly stained well-worn trainers.

My problem is VERY excessive sweating on my face and torso and I have tried Odaban in as many instances as possible. Odaban really DOES work - it stops localised sweating where applied. Your site and product has really helped me a lot so thank you very much - I am VERY GRATEFUL!!!!!!!!Sean Josephs

ODABAN® Foot and Shoe Powder will leave the feet and footwear odour free for up to six months.

Money Back Guarantee

As with all products from the ODABAN® range, the foot and shoe powder is sold with a money-back guarantee.

  • Applying ODABAN

    Six months active protection.

    Foot and shoe care was never easier. Using the teaspoon provided, sprinkle one spoonful of powder into both shoes each day for seven consecutive days or until the powder is used up. Your feet and footwear will now be odour free for up to six months. Any other footwear, worn intermittently, should be treated each time they are worn until the powder is used up. 

  • How does it work?

    Let your feet breathe again!

    Newly secreted sweat does not smell, it is only when the bacteria on the skin and footwear breakdown the various skin secretions that the familiar unpleasant “smelly feet” odour become apparent. ODABAN® Foot and Shoe Powder works in two ways; by absorbing perspiration, the powder initially helps reduce the multiplication of the troublesome bacteria by creating a drier habitat and the strong bactericidal properties of the natural ingredients then kill off the remaining bacteria. Regular applications of the shoe powder eventually remove all the bacteria leaving a residual bactericidal level that helps keep the feet and footwear smelling fresh for months.

    ODABAN – foot and shoe powder only removes harmful bacteria it does not impair the body’s natural skin protection.

  • FAQs

    • How long will my Odaban take to arrive?

      You will normally receive your Odaban directly to your door within 14 working days, in busy periods please allow up to 21 day. Your Odaban will be packed discretely in a plain "jiffy" bag.
    • Is Odaban available to every country by mail order?

      Yes. We mail-order Odaban worldwide with all delivery charges included in the price. Please use any of the purchase buttons on the Order page to determine the cost.
    • Will Odaban stain my clothes?

      Used as directed Odaban will not stain clothes, however, it is important to remember to wash the treated areas the morning after bedtime application.
    • What is the shelf-life of Odaban?

      A bottle of Odaban will keep for three years, but as one pack often lasts 12 months it is best to purchase no more than two or three bottles at any one time for personal use.
    • Will Odaban protect me from the excessive sweating from my lower back and backside?

      Odaban will keep the lower back dry, however, a few individuals may find that their backside still "leaks". In this case it is best to continue using Odaban sparingly twice a week and also use a winged stick on sanitary towel. They are undetectable, and will protect the under-clothes. Odaban will keep the lower back dry, however, a few individuals may find that their backside still "leaks". In this case it is best to continue using Odaban sparingly twice a week and also use a winged stick on sanitary towel. They are undetectable, and will protect the under-clothes.
    • Does Odaban help facial blushing and facial sweating?

      Odaban will not help facial blushing, as this is an involuntary blood vessel disorder. However, it will help prevent excessive facial perspiration from the forehead, nose and chin.
    • Is there any way to boost even the effectiveness of Odaban?

      The drying effect of Odaban can be increased by wrapping the treated skin area in a plastic "dressing" (Cling Film in the U.K. or Saran Wrap in the U.S.), on thicker skin areas such as the palms or feet a greater amount of product can also be used to increase the poral "plugging" effect.
    • Will Odaban help manage the excessive “wetness” of my hands and feet?

      Regular low dose applications of Odaban will manage the rate of perspiration from the hands and feet. Avoiding synthetic footwear made of "non-breathing" material will also help.
    • Is Odaban suitable for people with artificial limbs?

      Yes. You can also use it in conjunction with a "wicking" sock.
    • My Odaban was working fine but now I find I don’t get the same level of protection, what’s wrong?

      Nothing's wrong, everyone is different and some people may find that after several months Odaban may not give the same level of protection as before. Just stop using Odaban for a week to "rest" the skin then continue as before, use nightly applications until perspiration control is again established. Using an occlusive dressing (cling film) will boost Odaban’s absorption but do remember to build up your protection slowly by applying your Odaban sparingly. Don't worry if you find you need to apply Odaban more regularly than other users.
    • What do I do if Odaban isn’t working?

      It can take up to several weeks of nightly use before Odaban controls a really bad perspiration problem, after which you should be able to continue using the product just once or twice weekly.
    • I occasionally get a skin rash using Odaban, am I doing anything wrong?

      Odaban is specially formulated with a protective silicone and the purest of ingredients to help prevent any skin irritation, a rash will almost certainly be due to an over application of product. Remember to apply just one spray per application.
    • Can I use another antiperspirant, deodorant or perfume with Odaban?

    • Will sun tan lotions or moisturising creams interfere with Odaban?

      No, apply Odaban correctly as per directions and you'll be fine to use any sun tan lotion or moisturising cream the following day.
    • Can I apply Odaban to the genital area?

      Yes, but you will have to take special care as the skin is thinner and therefore more sensitive in this area. Ensure your skin is really dry (talc or a hairdryer may help) then apply very sparingly via cotton wool as directed in the instruction leaflet.
    • Can I insert my contact lenses after applying Odaban to my hands?

      Yes, as long as you apply Odaban at night as directed, after first removing your lenses, then washing your hands thoroughly the next morning, prior to inserting your lenses.
    • Can I shave underarms before using Odaban?

      Shaving before or immediately after application of Odaban is not recommended, however, if your careful and do not knick the skin (as this will cause stinging during application) you can apply Odaban without waiting the usual 24 hours.
    • Why do some people use talc when applying Odaban?

      Most women find that using a little talc before and after applying Odaban not only helps to dry the skin but also absorbs any over-application of product.
    • Why must I apply Odaban only at bedtime?

      As Odaban is broken down by water it is important to apply it only to DRY skin. Odaban is therefore applied at bedtime when not actively perspiring. Applying Odaban during the day may cause skin irritation and stain clothing.
    • Why is Odaban only dispensed from a pump spray?

      As the active ingredient of Odaban is broken down by water, the unique hermetically sealed titanium pump spray protects the product from atmospheric water vapour and water on the skin (perspiration).
    • I have an odour problem as well as a “wetness” problem, what can I do?

      Unpleasant odours are produced by the naturally occurring skin bacteria breaking down waxy secretions mainly from the Apocrine glands found under the arms, nipple and genital areas (these areas cause little problem). You can make a difference by keeping the skin dry, by using Odaban regularly to create an unfavourably DRY habitat, which prevents the bacteria multiplying rapidly, and by using a deodorant (bacteria "killer"), antiseptic wash / soap / powder (Hibiclens/Hibitane solution/powder, generic name, Chlorhexidine Gluconate 4%, from local pharmacy), and cleansing the skin with alcohol swabs, several times a day to reduce the number of bacteria and the amount of secretions.
    • Does Odaban have any odour?

      The active ingredients of Odaban are dissolved in pure alcohol that evaporates in seconds leaving no trace of an odour.
    • Can I use Odaban on my scalp?

      You can WITH CARE spray directly onto the scalp. Part the hair if necessary then treat by spraying and rubbing in with the finger tips. Odaban will not cause any discolouration or loss of hair. Keep your eyes closed and use sparingly during treatment.
    • Will Odaban wash off?

      Odaban's protection is long lasting and will not wash off even during swimming.
    • What’s the best way to apply Odaban underarms?

      Apply just one spray with a cotton wool makeup remover pad, treat only the inner hollow of the armpit as this is where the majority of the sweat ducts are found. Men are normally able to spray directly into the arm pit the hair acting as a dispersing barrier which helps prevents over application. Some people have found a hair dryer is useful in preparing the skin before application and removing excess product after treatment, others use talc.
    • Is it safe to use Odaban all over the body?

      Yes. Use just one spray for each skin area to be treated and apply with cotton wool (make-up remover pads are convenient) sparingly. In this way treatments of the face and other sensitive skin areas such as the groin and under breasts are easily managed. Use talc to absorb any excess product after application.
    • How long does one pack last?

      Most users find one pack of Odaban lasts between six to twelve months.
    • How often do I use it?

      That depends on how severe your problem is. Most people find that once their rate of perspiration is being managed they will only need to use Odaban once or twice a week.
    • How long does it take to work?

      This depends on many factors and everyone is different. Usually between one to four applications and you should notice a huge difference in your personal freshness. It may be necessary, however, to continue nightly applications for upto a month before full protection is experienced.
    • Do antiperspirants cause breast cancer?

      Various magazines and newspapers have reported that antiperspirants in blocking the sweat ducts prevent the excretion of toxins and also prevent the lymph nodes from working properly, thus increasing the risk of breast cancer. All professional medical opinion worldwide refute these claims as completely untrue. The liver, the kidney and the lymph nodes via the blood stream are the main detoxifying and excretion routes for the body, the sweat ducts play a very minor role. The blockages of the lymph nodes referred to in these articles are in fact large quantities of white blood cells which have performed their physiological duty and digested toxins and bacteria which have invaded the body and then subsequently died as is normal when their "work" is done. These dead white cells are eventually safely transported from the lymph nodes for excetion via the blood stream. Antiperspirants do not interfere with the body's detoxifying or excretory processes and in no way are they responsible for causing any form of cancer.
    • Does the aluminium content of Odaban constitute any long-term health hazard, such as Alzheimer’s disease?

      The high astringency of the Odaban formulation prevents any aluminium from being absorbed through the skin, therefore there are absolutely no side effects from any of the product entering the body.
    • Is Odaban safe to use during pregnancy?

      Yes. Odaban only acts on the surface of the skin, there is absolutely no absorbtion into the blood stream, thus no harm will come to the baby during pregnancy or afterwards if breast-feeding.
    • Is Odaban safe for all skin types?

      Even those people with sensitive skins can apply Odaban.
    • Why do similar products cause so much irritation?

      Water be it perspiration from the skin or humidity in the air causes aluminium chloride preparations to break down to form an acidic by-product, it is this acidity which produces the problem of irritancy. The unique Odaban pump spray hermetically seals the contents preventing any contact with water and The metered dose helps prevent over application of product. The silicone content of Odaban also protects the skin and helps increase the wetting effect of the formulation.
    • What is the active ingredient of Odaban?

      Odaban's active ingredient is 20% w/v aluminium chloride hexahydrate dissolved in pure ethyl alcohol containing a protective silicone.
    • Is it dangerous to prevent sweating?

      Controlling perspiration in the "hot spots" is not dangerous as there are lots of other skin areas for sweating to take place in order to cool the body. The perspiration that can't get out is simply re-routed through the blood stream to other sweat ducts or excreted through the kidneys.
    • Is using Odaban the best way to solve my “wetness”?

      Thousands of people world-wide have found Odaban to be a product that really does help them achieve the protection they have been looking for. Odaban was the first new kind of antiperspirant to be formulated in 1970 and since that time has brought peace of mind to many thousands of people that sometimes experience excessive sweating.
    • What is the difference between a deodorant and an antiperspirant?

      Deodorants simply help to kill the skin bacteria responsible for causing unpleasant odours or mask the smell, whilst antiperspirants are used just to keep the skin dry.
    • Can I REALLY get the protection that I’m looking for?

      Yes. The answers below will suggest ways in which you CAN make a difference to your personal hygiene, everyone is different however, and you may need to consult your doctor if your excessive sweating is serious or you think it may be a medical condition.
    • Is heavy perspiration common?

      As many as one in four people has a perspiration problem, this is invariably a source of physical and social distress often unrecognised by the medical profession.

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