Why do we sweat?

Sweating is the body’s natural mechanism for controlling its temperature. Sweat evaporating from the skin cools the blood and this lowering of the blood’s temperature is used to help regulate the temperature of the other organs around the body.

Every human body has approximately two million sweat glands, mostly located in the armpits, around the head, palms and feet; these glands produce approximately half a litre of sweat a day. At very high temperatures the sweat glands can produce up to six litres a day.

Excessive sweating

After forty years of offering guidance on achieving satisfactory protection from excessive sweating and body odour, the positive feedback from thousands of satisfied customers has clearly demonstrated that ODABAN® Antiperspirant protects over most areas of the body.

Head, torso and intimate skin areas have all been successfully protected using ODABAN®. ODABAN is also suitable for amputees. Many people with body-odour have also recognised ODABAN®s excellent deodorising properties. Feedback from satisfied customers is continually received and even after so many years, new experiences with ODABAN® are still being reported.

Antiperspirant vs. deodorant

Antiperspirants protect against sweating whilst deodorants help correct body odours. Most antiperspirants work by partially blocking the sweat ducts. Most antiperspirants also possess some deodorising properties; in the case of ODABAN® this is useful in keeping the skin in good condition. Deodorants are applied frequently whilst antiperspirants vary in the way they are applied. The 30mls pack of ODABAN® will last between six and twelve months and is therefore good value and certainly eco-friendly.

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