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The testimonials accessed below are taken from the many letters and emails regularly received from those whose lives have been changed for the better by Odaban.

Permission has been sought in all cases before any testimonial is displayed. We are a family company whose personal service is unique, nobody works harder than the ODABAN team to help you.

For good reason the big names in body freshness would rather sell one anti-perspirant a fortnight than one Odaban a year.

- Glasgow Evening Times UK

An amazingly effective antiperspirant, for me Odaban lived upto it's name.

- Gill Martin Daily Express, London, UK

I must say your product is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and you've really helped me solve a problem I've been tortured by for all my adult years. Over the last several months I have just come to forget about all of the worry and anxiety that I've lived with for so long.

- M.Wagner

I'm just ordering my 3rd bottle of Odaban. After three years of use I am more confident, my clothes look great and my overall sense of well being has improved. Thanks for a great product, if anyone has doubts, steer them my way.

- Debbie Harlow Seattle, USA

go to work and just wear a regular dress shirt and sports jacket. I have been using Odaban for six months now and am in awe. I would sweat profusely even just sitting watching TV but now I don't. Just wanted to express my thanks and let you know that if you need any more testimonials for your site I will be happy to write one.

- Michael Maestri USA

At last a product that comes through on it's promises. For the first time in ten years worrying about sweating is not on my mind and I want to thank you for that. Your product is amazing, I will use it for the rest of my life and I will recommend it to everyone.

- Tom Fike USA

I just want to take this time to say that I definitely recommend Odaban to anyone with sweaty feet, hands and armpits who wants to remain dry and odor free. Application once or twice a week before you go to bed is all you need. I have been using it for a year now and am very happy with the results. I say give it a shot, like the other testimonials say, 'amazing, it really works'. I am definitely satsified. Many thanks.

- Gloria Figuera California, USA

My problem is VERY excessive sweating on my face and torso and I have tried Odaban in as many instances as possible. Odaban really DOES work - it stops localised sweating where applied. Your site and product has really helped me a lot so thank you very much - I am VERY GRATEFUL!!!!!!!!

- Sean Josephs UK

I sincerely thank you for the product you offer. My life was changed literally overnight. A problem that I have had for years, which has caused me embarrassment, anxiety and complete frustration is suddenly no longer a concern!! I have been buying extra large shirts for some time now, usually in white. Baggy clothing didn't always help. I was stuffing paper towles under my arms at certain times of the day to help absorb the moisture. On occasions, I would even head home from work and change my shirt. On weekends, I would carry an extra shirt around in the car!! Having large rings of sweat under my arms made me feel that I appeared filthy and disgusting and lowered my self esteem to a great degree. Within one day of receiving your product, my hopes began to climb. Now that I have used the product for several weeks, I am certain that I no longer need to worry about what I'm wearing, or about raising my arms in triumph!! Your product is life-altering, and I give you the deepest thanks.

- Sean J Markey Arizona, USA

I was very, very skeptical before I tried Odaban and almost laughed at the "you only need to apply it 2 or 3 times a week" thing. I have to say though it is one of the first products to do EXACTLY what it says it would. Thanks so much it honestly has changed my life. Oh, by the way I have two buddies that had the same problem (though not as bad as mine) and I let them try it... well to make a long story short you guys have two more loyal customers. Thanks again.

- Landon Wade USA

Thanks a lot for developing such an amazing product. I am 31 years old and since I was 14 have suffered from excessive armpit sweating. Even in the coldest Winter my armpits were always wet. I have used Odaban for the last three months and I AM DRY!!!!! I couldn't believe it, but it's true. It really works. Using it once or twice a week is enough. It's great and best of all it has given me a lot of confidence.

- Mr Walter Cihal Austria

I urge anybody who has a sweating problem to try this product, it's amazing. My sweating was staining my clothes horribly with a dry white substance, which I could not remove, now that problem does not exist. Odaban has made such a difference to my life

- Mr Graham Levy England

I have been using Odaban now for around three months and it has changed my life and given me much needed confidence. The only time I'm worried about sweat now is that I look a fool when I'm out jogging with a damp shirt and dry underarms. I can live with that though. Before using Odaban I would sweat all over forehead, underarm and groin especially, but with this product I only sweat when I've been running or when it's hot. Odaban also makes the sweat disappear very quickly as though my skin is a a sponge. Thank you, you've saved my dignity.

- Scottish Man Scotland

First, I would like to thank you for a wonderful product! I started using it middle of last year and within the first application, all 'sweat' was gone. I had excessive sweat since I was about 12 years old. Very embarrassing for a growing girl. I would only buy clothes that would not show the stains. Not a very good fashion statement. I have such freedom now that I have your product. I have recommended it to anyone I know with this issue. Of course, in my mind, no one could have had it as bad as I did! Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart and my new wardrobe for such an amzing product.

- Jeannette Burson California

Just wanted to thank you for being so helpful, that's so unsual these days. Odaban is amazing enough, but the personal customer service you offer is, dare I say it, even more amazing.

- Gina

I have been using Odaban for three years now...and it works! Honestly...if someone is an excessive me directly (feel free to display my e-mail address I will sell you on it as I have others. Like many of you...I sweat badly from the underarms primarily (at least I used to!) Back when I first started...I began taking an aerobics class, a few months prior to my first application...sweat-sweat-sweat! Two days after applying Odaban...I went to hard hour of power step...and I noticed...I was sweating everywhere...EXCEPT my underarms! I was completely dry, and that so surprised me that I had found my "cure"...three years later...I am only applying once every one and a half to two weeks or so...and am I dry. Did you hear that? I am dry.

- J Arnold

Just a note to say thanks for Odaban. I expected it to take at least a week to start working but for some reason, after 26 years, my armpit-sweating stopped after the first application three days ago Since this day I've had it go through rigorous testing; driving inside a 40 degree celsius car without air conditioning, walking up and down six staricases over twenty times lifting heavy materials and though I was sweating as can be expected with such activities, my armpits remained dry to the point of being almost ridiculous; they used to start sweating a few minutes after I got out of bed. I used to wear black clothes or cover my armpits with additional layers of clothing but yesterday saw me wearing a jeans shirt and today a normal, brightly coloured shirt and feeling nothing will force me into instant-shame mode today!

- Martijn van der Lee Holland

Odaban has been, without a doubt, the most life-changing product in my life. I urge anyone out there that is contemplating ordering to just go ahead and DO IT. What do you have to lose? The price is more than reasonable and the results are more than a miracle.

- Katie Grand Rapids, MI, USA

Now I have dry hands, I thought Odaban wouldn't work...BUT IT DID! I'M SO HAPPY.

- Chrisy

This stuff is awesome, ODABAN HAS CHANGED MY LIFE.

- Susan Waldow Bavaria, Germany

This product really is a miracle and confidence in a bottle. It sounds so stupid but it really has changed my life!! Please continue to make Odaban throughout my lifetime!! Thankyou so much.

- Hannah Fox UK

I am Philile Biyela from South Africa. I communicated with you about buying your product a few weeks ago. I bought it and was happy when it arrived. I tried it that night and the next morning I was as dry as a bone!!!!! I had forgotten how my face looks like without the shiny effect caused by sweat, now I have a beautiful matt look and thanks to you. Please don't go out of business cause I'll keep ordering your product for the rest of my life. Many thanks for all the clarity you gave me on your product, really appreciated. You are a life saver!!!

- Philile Biyela South Africa

My advice is - persevere! I had been dealing with excessive sweating for quite a few years, mainly in stressful work situations and any social occasions where I felt anxious or nervous. I always wore dark or white tops at work to hide the sweat marks. In August 04, I'd had enough and came across the Odaban website. Initially I was very sceptical - it sounded too good to be true! But I ordered a bottle as I felt I had nothing to lose. After a couple of days of use the sweating stopped - I couldn't believe it! I continued the applications for a week and then slowly reduced the usage. However, I was dismayed when I started sweating again - not as bad as before, but it wasn't the complete stop I had hoped for. My armpits got quite sore and I felt like I was back to square one. However, I emailed Jeff for advice and he was really helpful. He advised me to stop the applications completely for a week, and then start again, using one spray on a cotton pad and to take it easy with the applications. He advised me that it was important to find the right balance for me. It worked! Its so important not to apply too much, too often (this was what was causing the irritation), even though its hard to believe that such a small amount of product can make such a huge difference! I now apply just once or twice a week and use a mild deodorant like 'Sure' (I had continued to use a Mitchum deodorant during the day, and think this was too strong as it seemed to make me a bit itchy). I'd like people to know that it can take some time to find the right balance, so don't give up! I never thought that applying such small amounts would stop the sweating, but I guess thats the beauty of Odaban! Its given me more confidence at work and I'm probably more relaxed as I'm not worrying about sweat marks! I can also buy work clothes in the colours I like, as opposed to black or white! So if you initially experience problems, don't give up because it does work!

- Sally Jackson UK

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