Money Back Guarantee

ODABAN® was the first antiperspirant to be sold with a money back guarantee and after more than forty years this guarantee still holds.

The ODABAN® product range is offered for sale with a full money-back guarantee for up to 45 days from purchase. Should you be unhappy for any reason with your product, please return it post-paid with the appropriate sales slip.

Please note that success is often dependant on application technique. Odaban products, our Spray in particular, have a very powerful effect and each individual needs to find the best application regime for them self. Often applying too much product will reduce results achieved more than applying too little. Please be sure to review the information offered within our instruction leaflet and website. Before returning your purchase, please email us with details of your particular situation and how you have been using Odaban products. In most cases the advice we personally offer will rectify matters quickly and provide the relief our customers strive for.

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